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Driverless Cars – Are they the future?

On Monday we spoke about advancing technology, and one thing this is for sure, it is moving very quickly in the car industry. Google, as you may know from our other blog posts, have created a driverless car. When the concept first came to light it seemed that everyone had an opinion, good, bad and rarely indifferent. Well it now seems that America is starting to legalise the use of these vehicles on the roads. The states that have seen these cars on the road […]

London Motorexpo returns for another year

London Motorexpo, the UK’s largest free-to-attend motoring event, got underway this week and is set to break all records this year.
Returning for one week only between June 10 and 16 in the exclusive setting of London’s bustling business district Canary Wharf, Motorexpo’s revolutionary show format is a real fan favourite, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. With more brands exhibiting this year than ever before, visitor numbers are expected to exceed the record 460,000 who attended last year’s event.

New Plans for Tough Treatment for Bad Drivers

Bad drivers habits – Yesterday we discussed in the news the more severe punishments that are going to be imposed for drivers. Below we have written the top three things and what you can do to stop being caught out.
The top three irritating habits of drivers on the road are undoubtedly illegal mobile phone use, middle-lane hogging and tailgating. However long you’ve been driving, you’ll have certainly come across one of these! Though all of these bad habits are most definitely illegal, until recently they […]

A glimpse into the future for Porsche

German car manufacturer Porsche has confirmed that all future models of the car will be available with the option of petrol-electric drive.
Commenting after more details were released of the brand new Panamera E-Hybrid, the German manufacturer confirmed that all brand new vehicles, including the 911, will be fitted with a next generation hybrid drive module as standard, which combines both an electric motor and clutches in a single unit.

Getting Ready for Summer

With the summer months hopefully on the way very shortly it is important that the air conditioning systems in our cars are working properly. Having said this though the general feeling among motorists is that the air conditioning uses more fuel and especially now times are difficult for many and the cost of fuel is increasing, there isn’t any to be wasted. Of course this is true but only up until 40 miles per hours. When the vehicle reaches this speed it actually uses more […]

All-new Peugeot 308

This is the brand new Peugeot 308 – the car that the French manufacturer hopes will end the Volkswagen Golf dominance across Europe.
“We worked hard on the proportions to give a high level of true and perceived quality,” stated Vidal; with a clean, sculpted look inside and out, the key to the new car’s appeal is its quality.
“We’ve reduced what we call the ‘sideways overhang’ between the windows and the wheel arch edge, and have worked on the width and muscle of the car, too.”

VW Design Vision GTI

The Design Vision GTI has intentionally been built to show what a GTI made specifically for racing could look like. The GTI has been officially revealed in Austria at the famous Worthersee Volkswagen event. Attending the event are around 200,000 fans whom wish to see this car, which runs from 8-12 May.
This one-off concept is built on the similar MQB model platform, but comes in at a measurement of 4,253mm in length, 1,442 height and 1,870mm wide, making it just 15mm shorter, 57mm lower and […]

Mercedes SLS AMG GT

When a car looks as extraordinary as the Mercedes SLS AMG, you don’t need to do much at all to show off its good looks, so Mercedes has made the smart choice and stuck to performance upgrades instead, and have also renamed it the SLS AMG GT.

New lightweight Audi TT ultra quattro concept revealed

Making its official debut at the Worthersee festival next month is the new Audi TT ultra quattro. There has been a special concept of the car recently revealed, and it’s said to be designed to demonstrate its expertise in lightweight materials.

Brand new Maserati Ghibli is here!

The brand new Maserati Ghibli is here, and it marks the first step in the manufacturer’s master plan to extravagantly increase the sales from 6,000 to 50,000 cars a year by 2015.