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Brand new Maserati Ghibli is here!

The brand new Maserati Ghibli is here, and it marks the first step in the manufacturer’s master plan to extravagantly increase the sales from 6,000 to 50,000 cars a year by 2015.

Modified cars to be hit with higher insurance premiums

Car modifying has become increasingly popular amongst car enthusiasts in recent years following on from the success of Hollywood movie franchises such as the Fast & The Furious.
However industry experts are now warning car owners that modifying your car could soon lead to hikes in car insurance prices.

Volvo V40 to get VW-style platform technology…

The next generation of small Volvos will include an XC40 crossover
Volvo has confirmed that it will be developing a new small car platform to rival the Volkswagen Golf MQB technology that also underpins cars ranging from the Skoda Octavia to the Audi A3.

Friday Five: Car Maintenance Tips

Looking after your car isn’t rocket science, but keeping it in good shape yourself is beneficial to both your safety and financial stability! Top it off with a cheap car insurance policy and you’re sorted!

Choosing Your Perfect Car

Those of you, like myself, that are big petrol heads all dream of one day owning our perfect car. Whether you want extreme thrills and speed, or optimum comfort and luxury, the chances are it will be very expensive and will probably be a little out of your current price range. Nevertheless it’s fun to dream! However, this blog isn’t about our “dream cars”, it’s about the “perfect car” for you right now.
My Perfect Car
Right now the perfect car for me is something small and […]

Mercedes Go Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz has launched their first ever diesel-electric car, the E300 BlueTec Hybrid. It’s the first of two hybrid powered E-class Merc’s in the pipeline.
This represents a great step for one of the biggest and best manufacturers in the world and, of course, displays an intent to focus on further reducing emissions.
How does it work?
The aim is to combine the already high and impressive fuel economy of the modern Mercedes diesel engines with that added capacity of an electric motor. The hybrid Mercedes is set to […]

Vauxhall Astra VXR, a Summer Treat?

Vauxhall, pretty much since the turn of the millennium, have really upped their game. The latest models are cracking looking cars, especially the Corsa VXR, and this summer Vauxhall are releasing their latest VXR model in the shape of an Astra. It will be the most powerful and exciting Astra ever created whilst also being the hottest hot hatch on the UK market come this July when it is released.
Major Improvements
The new VXR Astra will be loaded with a terrifying (in something so small) 276bhp […]

Ever increasing cost of motoring threatening village life in the UK

The impact of soaring fuel prices is threatening the very existence of rural life in the UK according to statistics revealed in a Royal Automobile Club (RAC) survey of its members this week.
Car journeys coming under scrutiny
The RAC report that members living in rural landscapes are finding the twin blows of expensive fuel and soaring motor vehicle insurance threatening their way of life. Almost 9 out of 10 said they were dependant on their car to carry out normal activities such as shopping, working and […]

EcoVelocity event planned for London

Ask most motorists what the Eden Project in Cornwall and Battersea Power station in London have in common and more than likely you will be met by a blank stare. However, ask a motorist who has already invested in the future and bought car insurance cover for a brand new eco car and he will probably know the answer.
Tomorrow’s world housed in today’s iconic buildings
The answer is of course both iconic buildings are champions of the new green technologies that are rapidly changing the face […]

The driving test

The final step before a driver can get their first set of motor insurance quotes is passing the driving test. For all would be drivers, the driving test is the last hurdle to get over before acquiring that all important driving license.
Be prepared
The trepidation that many would be drivers feel when they settle down at the side of a Driving Standards Agency representative is well known, but if they are prepared correctly there is no reason to be nervous. All the learner driver has to […]