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Best Family Cars 2013

When choosing a family car you will often consider features that one wouldn’t necessarily prioritise when purchasing a vehicle otherwise.
Instead of more speed and aesthetic beauty for instance, the requirements most will seek will include space, reliability and better safety, the latter in particular is also likely to lower car insurance premiums.

India struggles to go electric

Indian car manufacturer Mahindra launched its all-electric car this week, the e2o.
Marketing the car to drivers tired of stressful drives on Indian’s bustling roads, the electric vehicle is extremely low on maintenance and eco-friendly, giving out no air pollution at all.

Incredible: The Mercedes A45 AMG

We reported some month ago about the release of the Mercedes AMG A45. Now, it’s all been confirmed to be released in March, just after its launch at the Geneva Motor Show.

Kia on the hot-hatch trail

Kia is making its first assault on the hot-hatch market, preparing to take on the likes of Volkswagen’s GTi, the Clio RS and Peugeot 208. In Britain and the rest of Europe, the hot-hatch market is one of the most competitive, but also larger markets.

Two Huge Trucks: Atlas Vs. X Truck (Part 2)

Wednesday we showed you Fords endeavour to create an updated and more ‘aerodynamic’ pickup, a worthy successor to their F150 series. Today, we look at another truck looking to improve efficiency by slightly different means.
The First Hybrid Pickup
The VIA X Truck, unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show is a quite radical concept backed by Rob Lutz, the former Vice Chairman of General Motors. It’s an electric range-extended pickup truck producing a whopping 800 bhp yet able to achieve 100mpg, apparently.
A Thirsty Market
As mentioned previously, America […]

Gumpert Struggling For Cash

The creators of one of the fastest road cars ever built has filed for insolvency after it failed to meet sales targets. The German company, Gumpert, responsible for bringing us the Gumpert Apollo, is however looking for further investment in order to continue its breakthrough into the Chinese market whilst there is still the feeling the company can still survive.

The Friday Five – American Muscle Cars

The Friday Five is back with a bang this week, or perhaps more appropriately, a burble and a growl, as we’re talking all things muscle cars! Specifically, American muscle! Whether you love them or loathe them, everyone has something to say about American muscle cars. So, check out our top five muscle cars and let us know what you think by commenting below:

Lotus Release New Evora Race Car

Lotus have been making headlines again in recent days and weeks with the news that they and Dany Bahar have gone their separate ways. For those that have followed the Lotus story, it will be news that many expected, and it could actually be news that will spur on the regeneration and revival of Lotus as they build for the future and put plans in place to transform their recent fortunes.
GRAND-AM Rolex Series
They’ve also hit headlines for the update they’ve released to their fantastic Evora […]

New Jaguar Hybrid Hypercar

Turbo power is currently the “in thing” within the automotive world and Jaguar are the latest to shout about their next turbo charged creation. The C-X75 hypercar is yet to actually be confirmed for production, however Jaguar are making all the correct noises that point towards the C-X75’s eventual production with the car currently in the development stage.
The Performance
Under the bonnet will sit a small 1.6 litre engine, however attached to this will be, not only a turbocharger, but a supercharger too! This is quite […]

The Friday Five – Top Wacky Races Cars

This 17 episode series which originally ran for just 4 months from 1968-1969, brought child-like fantasy to the world of competitive racing. For young ones that couldn’t appreciate the thrill of F1 or any other real life competitive racing, the antics seen on Wacky Races filled that void.
So this week the Friday Five is revisiting our childhood and working out what the best cars were. But regardless of who came first or last, or which owner had the coolest car, you can bet taking part […]