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The Friday Five – Top Technologies

Top Technologies
This week our Friday Five is all about swanky car technology! From phone chargers to robotic cars, we’ve listed the five most advanced technologies in the automotive industry! Check ‘em out:
1. Fingerprint Starter
Losing your keys will never be a problem if your car starts with the scan of a fingerprint, yours to be specific. This technology has been available for a few years now and it can be used as a security measure as well as a key. With fingerprint identification technology, only authorised […]

Cluttered cars becoming a safety issue on our roads

How many of us can honestly say we keep our cars clean and tidy. The vehicle we use to get us to work, the kids to school, the family on holiday and the pack horse that brings home the supermarket shop does not stay in pristine condition for long.
Clutter soon builds up
The demands of modern life mean that very few people keep their car looking the same as it did when they picked it up after organising motor vehicle insurance on it for the first […]

Car safety gadgets entering a new era

Although the main aim of motor manufacturers over the last decade appears to have been to be the first producer of a successful mass produced zero emission car, there have been other developments going on, mainly involving safety.
Message not getting across
Consumers across the UK have been swamped by advertisers telling them their next motor insurance quote should be for a car with zero or low emissions but however hard the media men try and push this, consumers are not yet falling in love with the […]

Speed camera secrets displayed on government website

In a move that will further fuel the speed camera debate, the Government plan to display data gleaned from the remaining cameras in operation to the general public. The data will be collated by the Department of Transport and a Government website will reveal the number of accidents, the number of prosecutions and the number of injuries that the cameras record.
Unpopular with many motorists
The speed cameras have never been a favourite of motorists who have often regarded them as being mere cash cows for Government […]

Road safety group call for more funding to stop the carnage on UK roads

The tragic loss of life statistics on the roads of the United Kingdom have long been a source of discomfort for those who plan our highway system, a tracking survey carried out by the Road Safety Foundation has shown what a tragic waste it really is.
The survey followed the accident statistics of just fifteen of the country’s major highways after simple road safety measures were put in place. By adopting plain ordinary safety procedures such as strategic signage, road layouts and central reservation barriers the […]

Transport bill will radically change our highways

Transport Minister Philip Hammond takes centre stage today as he introduces changes to the way the motorways and roads of the UK are policed. The bill will be made law sometime next year but the details will be announced for the first time in parliament today.
Motorists wait and see
The Department of Transport are billing the changes as the “End of the war on the motorist” but drivers across the country who are already paying record prices for fuel and car insurance cover will want to […]

MOT test system may be altered

It is not often that motorists in the UK receive news that promises to actually cut their motoring costs, but a recent announcement by the transport secretary suggests there is a small chance that it may happen.
Time for a change
Philip Hammond, the transport secretary, has disclosed that his department are looking at altering the rules around the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test of a car’s safety and its suitability for the Public Highway. The certificates are now issued by the Vehicle and Operator Services Authority […]

Nostalgia is not what it used to be!

A recent online poll asked motorists about the differences they find in driving today compared to twenty years ago, and what they liked and disliked about the respective periods. The poll revealed some interesting answers without any great surprises. One thing that was for certain about the contrasting periods was that the cheapest car insurance quote of 2011 would still work out to be more than the most expensive of 1991.
Cheap petrol and open roads
Not surprisingly the things drivers miss most is relatively cheap fuel. […]

Blue Badge in the spotlight

Motorists who use the Blue Badge system for parking facilities will be next in line for examination, as the Government continues its policy of searching for savings in public spending. The badges allow the owners to avoid paying parking charges and in some circumstances to park on yellow lines. The savings per year for a regular user easily equate to the cost of a motor insurance policy.
According to reports the 2.5 million, yes that is correct, 2.5 million, who claim they need a badge are […]

Top Gear presenter caught between a rock and a hard place

For many motoring enthusiasts, Christmas is not the same without the Top Gear Christmas Special.
The programme fronted by the ebullient Jeremy Clarkson and ably accompanied by James May and Richard Hammond has been top of the motoring TV programmes for millions, over the years. Their infectious enthusiasm apparent to all.
The series which has just completed its 15th year will be back early in 2011 and it will be a relief for many viewers as the last series was definitely shorter than previous years. The show […]