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Driverless Cars – Are they the future?

On Monday we spoke about advancing technology, and one thing this is for sure, it is moving very quickly in the car industry. Google, as you may know from our other blog posts, have created a driverless car. When the concept first came to light it seemed that everyone had an opinion, good, bad and rarely indifferent. Well it now seems that America is starting to legalise the use of these vehicles on the roads. The states that have seen these cars on the road […]

Do we need more than just a car?

A recent study has been conducted into what technology advances more motorists would like to see in their cars. Although there are a huge amount of options that now can bee added into a car, it seems the consumer is after more.

New Plans for Tough Treatment for Bad Drivers

Bad drivers habits – Yesterday we discussed in the news the more severe punishments that are going to be imposed for drivers. Below we have written the top three things and what you can do to stop being caught out.
The top three irritating habits of drivers on the road are undoubtedly illegal mobile phone use, middle-lane hogging and tailgating. However long you’ve been driving, you’ll have certainly come across one of these! Though all of these bad habits are most definitely illegal, until recently they […]

Best Family Cars 2013

When choosing a family car you will often consider features that one wouldn’t necessarily prioritise when purchasing a vehicle otherwise.
Instead of more speed and aesthetic beauty for instance, the requirements most will seek will include space, reliability and better safety, the latter in particular is also likely to lower car insurance premiums.

India struggles to go electric

Indian car manufacturer Mahindra launched its all-electric car this week, the e2o.
Marketing the car to drivers tired of stressful drives on Indian’s bustling roads, the electric vehicle is extremely low on maintenance and eco-friendly, giving out no air pollution at all.

Friday Five: Car Maintenance Tips

Looking after your car isn’t rocket science, but keeping it in good shape yourself is beneficial to both your safety and financial stability! Top it off with a cheap car insurance policy and you’re sorted!

HMRC want to be allowed to speed!

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs has requested they be given the permission to legally break speed limits for the purpose of enforcement operations. Currently emergency vehicle drivers are allowed to drive faster than the speed limit as well as jumping red lights and using the other side of the road but are still subject to dangerous and careless driving laws.

The Friday Five: Top 5 Car Maintenance Procedures

According to a recent survey, most motorists don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to car maintenance with the vast majority (about 90%) not being able to name simple tools such as wrenches etc. An astonishing 10% of people asked didn’t know how to open the car bonnet, let alone change a tyre. Make sure that you’ve got your car to a minimum standard or you may risk breaking the law and invalidating your car insurance. Here are the top five tips […]

The Friday Five: Most Stolen and Recovered cars

Last year there were just under half a million reported incidents of third party car crime. That’s a huge number of incidents of which most happened in Hull and seven other cities in the Midlands and North East. The safest place was however Swindon, which incidentally has the most complicated roundabout in the United Kingdom. Many cars do however get returned, a probability which is improved a lot if you have a GPS tracking device, which should also reduce your car insurance quote.

Are older cars better suited to crashes?

There has been some speculation that older cars are safer due to the heavier, more rigid chassis and heavier, more robust parts being used. Modern car manufacture is completely different to old methods of car construction and these days much lighter materials are used.