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Holiday Hire Car

If you’re anything like me, when you go on holiday you’ll want to explore the towns and cities near to where you’re staying and to do so you’ll require a hire car. Whether you decide to book the hire car in advance or whether you simply pick one up at the local car rental place near to where you’re staying, renting a hire car can be an interesting experience, as I found out last week.
Make and Model
Having pre-booked with Europcar, one of the most reputable […]

The Friday Five – Top Alternative Fuels

Now more than ever the world is looking to limit its negative impact on the environment. Pollution levels are rising and cars are one of the main culprits. Enter alternative fuels, which allow vehicles to be more environmentally friendly. Here is the Friday Five on our favourite alternative fuels.
1. Electricity
The most famous and increasingly common alternative fuel in use. The advantages of electric cars include a considerable reduction in emissions and empowering a country to become less reliant on foreign oil. However they aren’t perfect […]

The Sebastian Vettel Infiniti FX

Double F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, has assisted one of Red Bull F1’s leading sponsors, Infiniti, in developing their latest creation: the Infiniti FX. And at first glance, the FX looks absolutely awesome. Even if you are not a fan of SUV’s, or even cars, it’s easy to appreciate that the FX is a good looking car. It looks like a bigger version of a hatch back, doesn’t it?
What’s it Like?
The new FX is also packed with precisely what you’d expect a car that’s been […]

The Friday Five – Superhero Cars

Welcome to our first Friday Five feature. This is where we rank our favourite five cars within a given category. This week it’s Superhero Cars! Now, of course, one may struggle to get motor insurance on such cars, however the point of these features is to have some fun and let you guys tell us what you think the top five should be! So, please have a look through the pictures and let us know how you’d rank your five favourite superhero cars by leaving […]

Used car purchases in the spotlight

Motorists buying second hand cars should make sure their new purchase is up to the mark quite swiftly as it appears more used car purchasers are becoming disillusioned with their buy.
Statistics for the first half of 2010 show that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) received over 38,000 complaints related to used car purchases. The figure is worryingly higher than previous years and up by 18% on the same period last year.
It is notoriously difficult for any motorist to ensure they are not buying a […]

Anger at Hospital parking charges

Patient groups have reacted with fury to the coalition government’s refusal to scrap car parking charges at hospitals, and they claim that the charges are just a ‘tax on illness’.
Government ministers are set to give each hospital trust the power to make a decision on whether they will continue charging patients and their relatives for parking. The parking charges raise over £110 million every year, with four hospitals taking over £1 million each from the unpopular scheme.
Cancer patients, who have to pay parking charges, make […]