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New BMW M6 to Launch

It has been announced that BMW is set to reveal the all new M6 at next month’s Geneva Motor Show and according to the very clever people at BMW, it has been given a “generous dose of M feeling”. This can be roughly translated to mean that the engine is extraordinarily powerful and that there are lashings of M badges on the wheels, grilles and side panels.
The new M6 is also, upon first glance, a pretty stunning looking thing. BMW have re-styled the entire car […]

BMW – the perfect mid-range manufacturer?

When I first passed my driving test I had very little money but a burning desire to get mobile , so I invested extremely unwisely in a Morris Marina of dubious legacy, and even more dubious reliability. This affair, as you may guess did not last long – the only good news being that when I did write it off I escaped unharmed.