Buying the Right car For Young New Drivers


Buying a car for your child is difficult especially when there are so many things to consider for young drivers. Now even more so as running costs of cars are becoming increasingly higher not just for young new drivers. High fuel prices, car tax and car insurance are all big players in running a car and especially car insurance as it is becoming an issue for young drivers since there has been an increase of 40 per cent within the last year. On top of this there are the servicing and maintenance costs to consider too.


Unfortunately insurance prices are relative to the amount of claims made by certain age groups and statistically young new drivers are the ones who are most likely to have an accident. Due to this, the price of some third party fire and theft insurance has increased and it could be cheaper for comprehensive insurance cover.

The statistics include:

• One in three male drivers will write off a car within a year of driving. Female drivers are half as likely.
• 25 per cent of deaths by dangerous driving convictions are caused by those who are under 20.
• Of the drivers that are aged between 17 and 20, 250,000 are driving without insurance.

These are just some of the reasons why premiums are high, however costs can be kept down by purchasing the right car in the first place.


For new drivers the best category of insurance they should be falling into is between 1 and 3. These are often the most fuel efficient too. Although, if the car has had modifications or a large engine then the insurance group will be higher. The best cars for young drivers include, Vauxhall Corse 1.0i 12V, Citroen C1 1000cc and a Volkswagen Fox between (2006 and 2012) among others.

With smaller engines the car also falls into a lower tax bracket too as they are more fuel efficient. If you have the luxury of the option of diesel or petrol then diesel is the best option in terms of lowering road tax. This is because it produces less Co2 than vehicles that are powered by petrol.

There are of course other things that can be done such as parking the car in a garage or driveway which will lower some premiums as well as fitting the car with an alarm or immobilizer.

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