Breakdown cover a good option

Whether it’s to the supermarket or a 200 mile trip across the country, a motorist can never be 100% certain that his car will not break down, even the most reliable vehicle will at some time fail to start. Having breakdown cover will give you the peace of mind that if you are stuck there is an outside agency to get you moving again. It really is not worth taking the gamble of not having cover and if you have to be towed away from a local garage, your wallet or purse will be a lot lighter. It is not just the major break down that the recovery services are there for either. A flat tire, locking your keys in the car, or even running out of petrol is not a problem if you are a member. Some can even solve the problem of filling up with the wrong fuel. The good news is that most insurance companies offer breakdown cover as an extra when you obtain a motor insurance quote.

The breakdown services work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and boast they fix 4 out of 5 problems at the roadside. It does not matter what you drive, be it a car, a van, a caravan or a motorbike, if you are a member, you will get the assistance needed to get you moving. We have still not escaped the recession and many people will not bother with breakdown cover in an attempt to save money. The credit crunch is also responsible for drivers not servicing their vehicle as regular which makes having breakdown cover even more important.

It is true that many find the different levels of cover offered by the breakdown services bewildering. Cover is available from as little as £30 a year, but that will be the very basic cover and will not help if you are stranded miles from home and need help straight away. It is important you are fully aware of what is covered and what will not be covered by all the various levels available. A lot of the add-ons for breakdown cover can turn out to be very useful, but you should always find out if they will be of use to you. If you only drive to the supermarket and back, for example, then the onward travel cover would be of no value to you. There is an option to get cover that would see the breakdown service take your vehicle to a garage and provide an alternative vehicle for you continue on your journey, with this it is worth checking everybody in the family is covered as some have limits on the number of people allowed to be taken on the onward journey, you can also get “home start” which is very useful as 1 in 4 breakdowns happen at home.

The average call-out times for breakdown cover arriving to help you is around 30 minutes to an hour, this may be longer during busy periods or if you are stuck in an isolated area of the country.

Yes breakdown cover can be complex but it should not be ignored. There are some companies bigger and better known than others, and this is something you need to bear in mind as some smaller companies will have less recovery vehicles and a much longer wait should be expected. If you drive on the Continent often, you need to check that you are fully covered should you break down.



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