BMW’s New 4 Series


Well, the Detroit Motor Show is generating yet more excitement with the long awaited BMW 4 Series Coupe which is set to replace the currently extremely popular 3 Series.

From Concept to Reality

The Concept, revealed at the Show is likely to be in showrooms in the last quarter of 2013 and it is unlikely to change much in looks from concept to production. It was unveiled along with the Gran Coupe version with its four doors – more (bourgeois) family-friendly. Ian Robertson, BMW’s director of marketing and sales said that “In the past the resemblance and the DNA between the 3 Series sedan and coupe was obvious, this time we want to take a much larger step… It’s more than a 3 Series sedan, it has more presence and it’s more dynamic. It’s time to change to the 4 Series.”


The 4 Series is much more sporty and sleek when compared with the 3 Series, which was already pretty sleek. The rear end looks very much like that of the 6 Series and it’s wider by 45mm in the front and by 80mm at the back. The roof has been lowered ever so slightly by 16mm.

The design features an L-shape replicated from the rear windows, to the air vents behind the front wheels, as well as the door handles and the LED light strips in the headlights. There are also very large air vents in the front which help air to go to the wheels thus cooling the brakes as well as improving aerodynamics. The grille has been closed and the rear end is lower, also to improve aerodynamics.

The Interior

The interior is very similar to the 3 Series, however it has been done in a much higher quality finish. The seats for instance have hand braided leather, as do the door panels and cup holders. There is a matte chestnut trim all around the cockpit too. We hope that this will carry through to the production model.


As for the engine, it is likely that there will be both TDI and petrol engines ranging from 180bhp through to 309bhp. Details are yet to be finalized however. Gearboxes will come in the form of 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic. Excitingly, there will also be a four-wheel version, competing with Audi’s Quattro range, whilst the sports version will be the M4. The M4 will have something in the region of 450bhp and we are eagerly anticipating its official release.

The 4 Series will be bent on increasing vehicle efficiency, with a more efficient engine, better aerodynamics and a lighter chassis. We therefore anticipate a 60mpg machine with low carbon emissions. All this will probably cost in the region of £28,000 for the base model. Car Insurance quotes shouldn’t be too bad, as long as you’re not a young driver.

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