BMW Revamp Flagship Model


BMW’s popular 7-Series has undergone some mild cosmetic work, however, under the skin, it’s seen some more substantial upgrades. This includes several new engines and a re-developed, upgraded rear suspension.

Executive Choice

The 7-Series has been the executive’s choice of BMW for many years – it offers great luxury and fantastic performance whilst being a large and luxurious car. It also offers pretty reasonable motor insurance quotes.

The 7-Series of the 90s, in our opinion, is one of the best looking executive cars ever built. It had style and class whilst the design also managed to incorporate an aggressive edge and appeal. The more recent 7-Series BMW’s just haven’t had the same aesthetic appeal, however the new 750d xDrive does have a very impressive engine whilst inside it will come with all the gadgetry you could ever want.

The 750d xDrive is fitted with a new triple-turbocharged diesel engine that produces 376bhp and 546lb ft of torque. Such power will see the big 7-Series accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4.9 seconds. That really is a staggering pace, especially when you think that an Aston Martin DB9 will only get there in 4.6 seconds!


The big BMW xDrive will also achieve around 44mpg, which means it’s fast yet economical at the same time. However, if economy isn’t your thing, you could always look to the top of the range 7-Series: the 760i. This comes with a whopping 536bhp which will certainly push you back in your luxurious seat as you press the throttle pedal.

This is the engine that intrigues us most – a massive 6.0 litre V12 engine that will not only be quick, but sound wonderful too.

Want one?

The 7-Series BMW has always been a very popular car, however, what do you make of their latest styling efforts? I worry it could let them down, especially when they’re competing directly with the very handsome E-Class Merc’s.

Furthermore, my concern with the 7-Series is that it just doesn’t look as good as the 7-Series from the 90s, and for that reason alone, I’d rather have a 750i from that era.

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