BMW and Electric Vehicles


It has been announced that BMW have said that they cannot see a future in electric cars that aren’t backed-up by petrol or diesel, which is why they are planning on designing their new Mini and Paceman as hybrids.  Here we look at them in more detail:


Ian Robertson is the sales and marketing director at BMW and he will be test driving two Mini’s. One will have an electric supplement and the other will use the electricity to drive the vehicle. He has said that the electric cars will have a small liquid fuel engine that will charge the batteries as the car is being driven. He has said, “Why wouldn’t you? Range anxiety disappears. In most cases Mini electrics are recharged at home. We thought that if drivers saw a recharge point on their travels they would use it – but they don’t.” Range appears not to be a crucial issue for owners, whilst savings in fuels will help pay for motor insurance policies.

New Vehicles

They are now working on the Paceman and they are planning to use the same platform that they used for the 1 Series BMW. After this their next target will be to have zero emissions. They are also planning on having a plug in sport car – this will be the 8 Series.

BMW also pride themselves on their customer service. In San Francisco there are 30 car parks where BMW monitor the usage of the bays. BMW drivers are then remotely guided to an empty bay so they don’t have to travel to neighbouring streets. This way they know exactly where their customers are parking and then they can be offered services such as valeting and refuelling while they are at work. Although this is only a small step to helping save fuel it does improve their services and efficiency.

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