Benefits of Changing Engine Oil

There are a huge number of drivers who get car insurance quotes every day of the week. Not only is it compulsory to have car insurance but it is necessary for the driver to feel protected, his insurance company will look after him and his vehicle. But it is not just the insurance firm who can look after the vehicle, one job the driver can do is to look after the oil. The benefits of changing an engine’s oil far outweigh what could be an expensive mistake of failing to carry out this routine maintenance.

Know when to change

Motor or engine oil is a lubricant which both coats and cleans the moving parts inside an internal combustion engine and if changed regally it will extend the life of an engine. The frequency of oil changes will largely depend on the age of the vehicle because later models have been manufactured to run more efficiently and cleanly. How the vehicle is used will also be a factor; if it is a heavy goods vehicle it will require frequent changes to compensate for the amount of stress placed on the engine.

The lifeblood of an engine

The best reason for changing the engine oil regularly is to make sure that the engine is getting adequate lubrication. The oil will coat the moving parts inside the engine while also reducing friction. Too much friction will cause heat, wear and spark, all of these will quite significantly reduce the life of a vehicles engine. Oil also reduces oxidation and corrosion of internal parts, which are also reasons for the premature failure of the engine. A well lubricated engine will run much more efficiently. Oil will also clean the soot particles from each of the parts it coats and hold them in suspension. This will prevent a build up of sludge in the engine which is capable of clogging up openings, interfering with the engine’s operations and also reduce the fuel efficiency.

Modern oils perform better

If the oil appears dark when it is checked it does not mean it is dirty; it is a sign that it is doing its job. Over time the motor oil will begin to break down and not be as effective as the when it was first put in. It is always a good idea to replace the oil before it degrades too much and fails to lubricate and clean the motor engine. Today modern oil has additives that slow the degradation process, but even these will still break down quite a lot with use. The more a vehicle is used, the more frequently it will benefit from an oil change.

Many drivers take satisfaction from changing their own oil although these days it is usually drivers with over 50s car insurance that do it, old habits die hard! However, the average person can easily miss important signs that a professional mechanic would notice. It is always a good idea to let your local garage do the job now and again.

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