Avoid the Scams taking Advantage of Drivers

The cost of running a vehicle is often discussed in the media, especially as due to the recession many people are now struggling with the increasing costs of petrol, car insurance and even vehicles themselves. In the past twelve months there has been some controversial claims made that the price for fuel in the UK is fair, especially as prices seem to be constantly fluctuating and are well above those than before the recession began.

There have also been other reports on how the government should take more steps to protect drivers from the spiralling costs of running a vehicle, however it now seems as it may be too little too late as drivers are being targeted by scammers taking advantage of this difficult situation. This is why MotorQuoteDirect looks at the most common scams right now and advises how you can avoid them:

Fake Insurance Policies

After the cost of the vehicle itself, car insurance is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to running a vehicle, which is why so many people use websites like MotorQuoteDirect to find competitive quotes. However, scammers have taken advantage of the popularity of aggregate webistes by setting up fraudulent ones which offer users cheaper insurance deals than anyone else in the industry and ask for a percentage of the money upfront.

However, once the money has been handed over drivers later found out that the companies were fraudulent and that they were not insured at all. This means that the customers not only lost their money, but may have also had to personally cover the cost of damages if they were involved in an accident, or could have received six points on their licences for driving without insurance.

In order to make sure that you aren’t hit by one of these scams it’s important that you make sure you get insurance from a website that is registered with the FCA, and that their registration number is listed on their website. Furthermore, if you find an insurance deal that sounds too good to be true you should talk to the company and find out why their premiums are so much lower than all the other providers in the market.

False Whiplash Claims

It used to be that if you were in an accident one of the biggest worries was how much your insurance company would have to pay out to cover the damages, however now drivers are becoming more concerned over the people involved in the accident making false whiplash claims. Unfortunately, if someone claims they have whiplash it is very difficult to ascertain whether they are being truthful or not, and there are reports of some people purposely getting into ‘accidents’ so that they can commit fraud.

This is why the government has recently announced that they are planning on introducing new measures to crack down on what they call the ‘compensation culture’. One way of doing this is to change the rules so that if someone is involved in an accident they have to visit an independent medical practitioner in order to gain a medical report. This would not only reduce the pressure put on GPs but also stem the amount of people making false whiplash claims on the basis that they can’t be disproved.

Inflated Petrol and MOT Prices

As discussed previously, the cost of petrol is one of the biggest concerns for drivers, which is why the government is calling for petrol stations to install price comparison signs which show the cost of fuel at each station during any given route. The plan here is to help drivers who are paying almost 10p more per litre in fuel at petrol stations based at motorway service stations compared to other petrol stations along their route.

The government has also announced that they are bringing in a price freeze for MOTs across the UK, meaning that drivers will be able to save money no matter where they are based or what garage they decide to use. Until 2015 the statutory maximum price for a MOT in the UK will be set at £54.85 – an invaluable piece of knowledge to have before you take your car for its annual check-up!

Unfortunately, there will always be those that try and abuse the system and set up motoring scams, however by having the right knowledge you will be able to avoid them. Furthermore, you will also be able to ensure that you never spend more money than necessary and that your car will always be on the road legally.




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