Audi’s new R8 Diesel to be better than the Mclaren P1?

Audi are plotting to produce a R8 using turbo-diesel technology used in their Le Mans 24 hour cars. Audi high performance Quattro gmbh branch’s boss, Franciscus Van Meel has just announced the news.


No more electric R8

This comes as it was announced that their all-electric R8 model has been deemed unworthy for production due to a lack of market for all-electric cars. Audi are also planning to produce an ultra high performance hybrid supercar, utilizing some of their successful Le Mans technology for road-going applications. Van Meel had this to say:

“If we make this car it will be the absolute best supercar, and completely different in concept to the R8, It will be very Vorsprung Durch Technik, very innovative.” He also added that he thought that it would be better than the much anticipated McLaren P1. The McLaren P1 itself is expected to be the grand successor to the 1990’s McLaren F1, a car still perceived to be one of the great classics.

Le Mans on the road

Back in the 2000’s, Audi had plans to develop diesel supercars using Le Mans technology, providing a concept R8 with v12 Turbo-diesel engine. This however was discontinued. The R10 and successor, the R15, from which this diesel technology is derived, have V12 and V10 twin turbo diesel engines which produce 650bhp and 550bhp respectively, keeping within the Le Mans rules.

The engine is therefore expected to have something in the region of 700bhp as well as a stratospheric 1,000Nm of torque, which means it could blitz 0-60mph in around 3 seconds. With such a spec, it will no doubt rival the Porsche 918, as well as the new Ferrari F70, the Enzo’s successor. They’d better make sure the gearbox is tough enough though, as their 2010 R10 suffered from gearbox failure during the Le Mans race, due to the torque being too much for the gearbox to handle, this is unlikely to affect any car insurance companies though, as the premium will sky high anyway!

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