Aston Martin Revive Old Model


Aston Martin, the quintessential British car manufacturer, has announced that they are to revive the Vanquish. The original Vanquish was quite a hefty, large muscle car with a number of issues, most of all the gearbox and clutch that were forever causing problems. However, the new Vanquish seems to be somewhat different and Aston are confident that more and more will people will look for motor insurance quotes on the Vanquish.


It will be a lighter, quicker, more powerful and more efficient version of the DBS and will therefore be a direct replacement for the DBS. Under the skin lies a 5.9 litre V12 that has been significantly edited since it first powered the DBS. Enlarged throttle bodies, a reshaped inlet manifold, dual variable valve timing, fully machined combustion chambers, valved airboxes and a lighter fuel pump all contribute to the tasty 565bhp and 457lb ft torque.

These figures in the DBS were only 510bhp and 420lb ft torque. I say only, that was still a huge amount of power and performance under your right foot, so just imagine what this added power will do to the new Vanquish. It’s sure to be blisteringly quick in a straight line!

Luxury GT

The people at Aston Martin have already stated that the new Vanquish will not come with a manual stick shift gearbox as a new six speed paddle shift gearbox is being developed with a choice of different shift maps. This will disappoint purists and could actually frustrate those of us that simply enjoy driving a manual. However, in true GT style, the new Vanquish will be ideal for a comfortable, relaxed cruise home from the office.

Inside, the new Vanquish is simply a wonderful place to be. The cabin is more spacious whilst there’s lots of gadgets and equipment to play with also. An in-car phone, Garmin sat-nav and B&O hi-fi are all controlled through the central operating system via one LCD monitor. There are also lashings of leather to add to that luxury Aston Martin feel.

The new Vanquish is set to cost somewhere around the £190,000 region, which is £15,000 more than the DBS with deliveries beginning early next year. So if you want one, get your orders in now!

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