Are Electric Cars the Future?

For the last couple of years electric cars have started becoming a bigger part of the motoring world and although the growth may be slower than initially expected, more charging station, eco incentives and models of electric cars are being released.

For example, in the last week alone there have been calls by environmental groups to give Scottish electric car drivers a £10,000 incentive and Nissan want to roll out more charging points at UK motorway service stations.

Electric Car Critics

However, there are still a lot of critics of electric cars, claiming that they take too long to charge, only work well when they still have a petrol engine and cause more environmental damage in production that they reduce in operation.

What’s more, electric cars now face a new hurdle as 3 were crash tested in America last week only to then burst into flames days later, calling into question the safety of the wiring and build of electric cars when they crash and how much motor insurance quotes would be on them!

A New Alternative

With the world’s source of petrol being depleted and environmental damage becoming more of an issue for most countries, an alternative to traditional petrol and diesel cars is needed and electric cars has been seen as the most sensible alternative for some time.

However, there now seems to be a new horse in the race for solving the petrol problem and that is hydrogen cars. Although there have been teething problems with hydrogen cars, mainly due to the fact that it is highly flammable, we now have our first hydrogen filling stations in the UK.

The filling time for hydrogen is very similar to petrol and so avoids the problem of long charge times that electric cars have. The production of hydrogen cars is also less damaging to the environment as there is no production of batteries and once running they simply emit a harmless water vapour.

The Future of Cars

Whatever your opinion on electric and hydrogen cars, it is hard to deny that a solution is needed to the petrol problem and these are currently the 2 front runners in the search for a new eco-friendly, renewable fuel source, but over the next year we may see hydrogen pull ahead slightly.

What do you think? Are you a fan of hydrogen or electric? Or do you already own an eco-friendly car?

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