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The Formula 1 season is now underway, however, FP1 and FP2 haven’t revealed much we didn’t already know; the Mercedes looks much improved and the McLaren’s are strong once again. The real test, however, comes in qualifying tomorrow!


Anyway, back to our icons. Today, I’ve picked the Brawn BGP 001, to give it its official name. This is probably quite a surprising choice to many of you, however, when you consider the statistics, that car can only ever go down in the history books as a legend!

The Brawn GP team was born out of the ashes of the Honda Racing F1 Team that pulled out of the sport at the end of the 2008 season in order to concentrate on increasing their production car sales as the amount of people investing in motor insurance quotes on new Honda’s had declined. Ross Brawn quickly purchased the dying embers of the Honda team and formed Brawn GP with the much loved Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello forming a formidable partnership.

Splash and Dash

The Brawn GP name was only in the sport for one season only, in 2009, as by the end of the season it had been bought by Mercedes and would then, in 2010, change its name to Mercedes GP Formula One Team.

What makes the Brawn GP story such a success however is simple: they came, they saw and they won both World Championships.

Rule Changes

2009 marked the introduction of a whole new set of regulations and the car’s looked significantly different to the previous season. It was also the year that saw the introduction of KERS – a Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Brawn GP didn’t have time, however, to even develop such a system, which one would have thought would disadvantage them. However, if anything, the lack of KERS worked in their favour as while the bigger teams struggled to make their system work effectively, Brawn relied on old fashioned grip and performance with Jenson Button winning six of the first seven Grand Prix that year.

Jenson Button went on to win the Drivers’ World Championship and Brawn marked a historic year by adding the Constructors’ Championship to Button’s brilliant feat. I remember many years ago watching a Top gear interview with Jenson Button and I recall him explaining how he would give up all his money, of which he undoubtedly has lots, to win the Drivers’ Championship. Honest and true words, and I don’t think there has ever been a more deserving World Champion.

Creating History

Furthermore, Brawn GP are in the history books as entering 17 races of which they won 8. That represents the greatest ever win percentage of 47%. That figure monsters the most successful team in F1 history, Ferrari, which has a win percentage of 26%. That, for me, really does cement the Brawn BGP 001 as an iconic F1 car. I highly doubt Mercedes GP will ever revert back to Brawn GP, which will mean those stats will stand forever and the whole Brawn GP 2009 story will live on as a legendary chapter in F1’s history.

This week I’ve outlined three of my F1 icons, please comment below and tell us yours!

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