A glimpse into the future for Porsche

German car manufacturer Porsche has confirmed that all future models of the car will be available with the option of petrol-electric drive.

Commenting after more details were released of the brand new Panamera E-Hybrid, the German manufacturer confirmed that all brand new vehicles, including the 911, will be fitted with a next generation hybrid drive module as standard, which combines both an electric motor and clutches in a single unit.

The new Panamera S E-Hybrid has been touted as an advance on the first-generation Panamera Hybrid, running fully on battery power with a powerful electric motor.

Capable of reaching a top speed of 168mph with both motors running or alternatively 84mph running electric-only, the vehicle also boasts CO2 emission results of just 71g/km.

Greater fuel savings

The next-generation hybrid module, revealed at Porsche’s Panamera Hybrid technology workshop, features a range of upgrades over the existing 94bhp electric motor found in the Panamera S E-Hybrid. Both water and air-cooled, the motor will be powered by a more energy-dense battery pack, with a lighter wiring loom utilising aluminium wires rather than traditional copper.

Promising extensive savings on fuel, and hopefully car insurance in due time, the module is set to make its production debut in the Porsche 918 Spyder hypercar.

Already in development is an induction charger too which Porsche say will allow car batteries to be recharged by being in close proximity to the charger. Eliminating the need for charging cable, the German automaker stressed that these will be able to be installed in a regular domestic garage floor.

The intelligent hybrid

This inclusion of the hybrid modules in all new vehicles marks the first step in Porsche’s plans to reduce fuel use during every day driving.

By 2016/17 Porsche suggest hybrid their vehicles will interact intelligently with their environment, utilising information gathered from detailed maps. With the capability to accurately measure inclines and the radius of oncoming corners for instance, the data gathered will allow the cars to automatically select the optimum driving mode specific to the current surroundings.

With technology rapidly advancing year on year it seems inevitable that Porsche’s hybrid cars will be making many more driving decisions on behalf of the driver in future.

How do you feel about the advancement of this hybrid technology? Are you happy that driver assistance continues to progress or do you feel less control in the hands of the driver will lead to the fun aspect of driving disappearing in future?



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