£50,000: The Potential Cost of Drink Driving

As part of a road-safety campaign, the government has unveiled the potential cost of being convicted for drink driving to be up to around £50,000.

The research, carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists estimated that the financial costs, including personal costs resulting from drink driving, amount to between £20-50,000 if you take into account not only the fines, but the legal fees, car insurance quote rises and potential job loss.

“It’s Just Another Drink…”

Stephen Hammond, the Road Safety Minister said that whilst one extra drink may seem harmless, the actual costs equate to far more than a potential fine. It is these costs which are not taken into account. He said: “Most people know not to drink and drive but a small number still do, which is why we are highlighting the consequences of a drink drive conviction through our THINK! campaign.” He went on to say that “anyone thinking of drinking and driving should be without any doubt – if you are caught driving over the limit you will face a heavy court fine and lose your licence – you could even go to prison.”

Increased Awareness

The latest campaign is having £1.68 million spent on it and will be shown both on television and online, preparing for the seasonal increase in alcohol consumption in the summer months. The content of the article will be a barman changing into a series of different characters ranging from a policeman to an employer to emphasize the broad-ranging consequences of drink-driving.

The police have stated that all drink drivers would get caught at some point or another, due to the increasing number of breathalyser tests being carried out. A far greater number of people were stopped this Christmas than the year before leading to more convictions and driving bans.

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