2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed


The Goodwood Festival of Speed took place at the weekend and it was yet another epic event. It was the 20th annual Festival of Speed with the first one having taken place in 1993. 20 Festival’s later and this year’s event was the biggest and best of all time.

Flocking to the Festival

We were lucky enough to have tickets for the Sunday show and it was an unforgettable day out. Although, if you’re planning on attending the Festival of Speed next year, we highly recommend getting there as early as possible. According to the Sat Nav we were scheduled to arrive at the event for 9.45am; we didn’t actually arrive until 11.45am. This was simply caused by masses and masses of people all trying to get to the same place at once. We had a clear run with no traffic until we were 4 miles from Goodwood’s gates and it then took us a further 2 hours to cover the remaining 4 miles. Nonetheless, we didn’t let the ridiculous traffic ruin the day and all it did was confirm just how popular the event has become.

Once parked up we made our way into the glorious Goodwood grounds in order to enjoy one of the best days of the year.


This year was all about Lotus, as we blogged about last week, and the Lotus central display was something certainly worth seeing as a fine array of old and new F1 cars were showcased in front of Goodwood House.

In addition there were thousands of other cars and motorsport heroes on show, from old to new. One of the stars of the Sunday show, for us, was the McLaren test driver Oliver Turvey who stopped directly in front of us before doughnutting the McLaren F1 car several times. It was F1 lunacy at its best and the crowd absolutely loved it!

Another highlight of the show was the Ferrari 458 Spider. It’s an absolute work of art and quite possibly the prettiest, most beautiful car ever built. No word of a lie. The asking price of the particular 458 on display was around £230,000 whilst a motor insurance quote would also set prospective owners back a fair amount. But upon seeing the car in the flesh, it’s easy to see why it comes with such a price tag! It also comes with scintillating performance and one of the sweetest noises a car could ever make.

Furthermore, the Eurofighter demonstration was pretty spectacular with a multitude of barrel rolls and loop the loops from the RAF pilot.

Were you there to witness the furore of motoring passion? What was your favourite car/part of the event?



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