Monthly Archives: September 2011

Chinese car makers set their sights on Europe

Four cars from China were shown alongside some of the most famous cars in the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show which ended this weekend. The company who produces them are confident that their presence at the famous auto show will be the start of a successful future for the manufacturer.
First appearance in Europe
Chang’an Automobile is currently based in the south-western city of Chongqing and the two sedans, one SUV and an electric car they displayed […]

Price drop due to colour may prove hard on the palate

Purchasing a new car is still an exciting time for most people. Even hardened drivers of fleet cars still look forward with a tingle of excitement to the new car that comes their way every 3 years or so. We all know that there is plenty of choice when it comes to makes and models and it is this particular factor that usually persuades us to get a motor insurance quotation on a vehicle in […]

New Jaguar plant will create thousands of jobs

The news that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are to build their new plant in Staffordshire will be a great shot in the arm for the West Midlands economy but at the same time will prove a disappointment for those in South Wales.
Skilled and unskilled opportunities
The announcement by JLR yesterday that they are to build a new £355 million factory on the outskirts of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands will provide the area with 750 skilled […]

Frankfurt Show Gets Underway

The 2011 Frankfurt motor show proved once again why so many industry insiders, as well as motor enthusiasts from all over the world, flock in their thousands to this iconic show.
Recycled Merc a big hit
This year’s event started on the 13th September for the press and is set to run for several more days yet, visitors will not be disappointed. Of course along with everything else in the motor world the show is heavily influenced by […]

Servicing charges going through the bonnet

The latest inflation figures out today put the average cost of inflation at 4.5%, no doubt a worrying figure for everyone, but motorists could be forgiven for wishing that the costs of running their vehicle had just stopped at an increase of 4.5% over the last 12 months.
Spiralling costs take cars off the road
The cost of fuel has gone up by about three times that figure over the last year and has contributed to bringing the […]

Drink driving tests show significant drop

It appears that drink driving motorists are more likely to get away with their anti-social habit this year compared to previous years as the number of drivers checked and given the breathalyser test has dropped dramatically according to the latest set of figures available.
They know the risk
Drink drivers are quite aware of the chances they take when they get into their vehicle under the influence of drink. If they are stopped by a police car they know a driving ban is almost certainly inevitable and […]

Cluttered cars becoming a safety issue on our roads

How many of us can honestly say we keep our cars clean and tidy. The vehicle we use to get us to work, the kids to school, the family on holiday and the pack horse that brings home the supermarket shop does not stay in pristine condition for long.
Clutter soon builds up
The demands of modern life mean that very few people keep their car looking the same as it did when they picked it […]

Ecovelocity powers into Battersea this week

Motorists from all corners of the UK will be converging on the old Battersea Power Station later this week when it stages the festival of eco-motoring for the very first time.
Event will showcase new technology
The show, labelled Ecovelocity, will give spectators an insight into the latest vehicles that are coming on to the market, the low down on how hi-tech manufacturing is revolutionising the motoring trade and the benefits that low carbon emission vehicles […]

Car safety gadgets entering a new era

Although the main aim of motor manufacturers over the last decade appears to have been to be the first producer of a successful mass produced zero emission car, there have been other developments going on, mainly involving safety.
Message not getting across
Consumers across the UK have been swamped by advertisers telling them their next motor insurance quote should be for a car with zero or low emissions but however hard the media men try and push this, […]