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Leading Charities Say Bio Fuels Not The Answer

A national and international charity has joined forces to plead with the UK Government to look again at its policy on bio fuels.

The two charities, ActionAid UK and Friends of the Earth, recently commissioned a report from the Institute for Sustainable Development into the effect of bio fuels on motorists and the planet. The results do not make good reading for anyone. Motorists, who already face challenges finding cheap car insurance and fuel, can expect to pay an extra 2% a litre at the garage forecourt, and the Earth’s atmosphere will be overloaded with extra carbon emissions. This, the charities say, is the result of a European Union (EU) policy aimed at increasing the use of sustainable fuels.

A directive issued by the EU’s renewable Energy Directorate requires member nations to ensure that at least 10% of a nations transport energy is taken from renewable sources. The Directive actively encourages nations to use bio fuels as an alternative to fossil fuels because it produces less carbon emissions. In fact the charities insist the opposite is true.

Speaking on behalf of ActionAid UK, Meredith Alexander, said: “The UK must scrap its bio fuel targets. Motorists, the environment and poor people in developing countries will bear the brunt of this ill-conceived directive. Prices at the pump will be higher and so will CO2 emissions. Increased bio fuel production will have disastrous consequences as food prices are forced up and millions of people go hungry and lose their land.”

It is true that many under developed countries have turned to crops producing bio fuels rather than food because they earn more cash, and it is these factors that may make the western world turn its attentions elsewhere to reduce carbon emissions.