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Competition Time – Win a Coolbox for Your Car

We’ve had some pretty sporadic weather recently here in the UK, however at times it has certainly been very hot out there and we’re feeling positive about the coming weeks and months. Hopefully we will all be bathed in sunlight this weekend too!

So, to help you enjoy the summer months we’re giving you the chance to win an Electric Coolbox for your car! The 14 litre Coolbox we’re giving away is capable of carrying up to 17 330ml cans, with the height to carry a 2 litre bottle. This is the ideal Coolbox for you to keep your food and drinks chilled whilst on the move this summer! The Coolbox will come with the necessary adaptor so you can pre-cool your box and cool things on the go too!

Kids will love it for those hot, dehydrating car journeys in the sun whilst adults too will enjoy being able to take out a cool, crisp beverage after a long, warm summer’s drive.

How Do I Enter The Competition?

In order to enter this fantastic competition, all you have to do is Follow and Retweet us on Twitter. In just a few clicks of a button you could have bagged yourself a wonderful prize!

So what are you waiting? Just visit our Twitter page – @MotorMouthBlog – and Follow & RT us to enter the competition today!

The competition will close at 5pm Friday 22nd June and the winner will then be announced the following Monday.

Good Luck!

Survey Reveals We Do Not Understand Our Cars

Whilst searching around the daily motoring news and views I came across the news that motorists are increasingly unaware of what all the lights and information on their dashboards actually meant.

It is in some ways quite amusing, but mostly it is not surprising at all!

Cars Increasingly More Complex

Cars are becoming increasingly more complicated both under the bonnet and inside too. A number of weeks ago I was riding in the passenger seat of a new Honda Insight, and I have to say, I had absolutely no idea what the futuristic dashboard was telling me without reading the manual. Which to be honest, most people don’t.

Including my very own mother who has owned her Vauxhall Corsa for three years and only last week found out that the windows can be controlled from outside the car by holding down the buttons on the key fob to make the windows go up or down, depending on whether you are opening or locking the car, and she only found out because we were at a Vauxhall dealer looking at newer models and the salesman explained it was a feature that had been around for a while now!

Study Reveals Shocking Stats

Furthermore, a recent survey that was carried out revealed that we spend around 360 hours in our cars every year and yet nearly half of us could not name some of the basic warning lights. It would seem that men are slightly more knowledgeable than women in this area with around 39% of men being able to identify where the main beam hazard was compared to just 28% of women.

The figure that concerns me is that only 12% of women and 7% of men could point out the handbrake warning light. That is worryingly low, and the handbrake warning light, you would have thought, is quite an important thing to be aware of.

Costly Damage

By not knowing the simple warning lights, someone could potentially be driving around unaware that there is a fault with their vehicle, which could increase the likelihood of a driver having an accident, which could in turn lead to them having to pay out on an excess on a motor insurance claim if the accident is proven to be their fault. In addition, by driving around with a fault it is also likely that the issue with the car could develop and thus end up costing owners thousands of pounds more to have the problem repaired.

The moral of the story here is quite obvious: we should all take time to read our car manuals and familiarise ourselves with all aspects of the car before setting out on our first drive in a newly purchased car. Whilst some people may indeed not be too interested in the particular features of a car, it is still very important to know what all the lights on the dashboard mean!

Over 100 years of experience

Any driver car insurance was not even invented when the Fiat Company was born. Fiat is an acronym for ‘Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino’ and translated to English, reads ‘Italian Automobile Factory of Turin’. F.I.A.T. was founded on July 12, 1899, in the Italian city of Turin, at the time the city was enjoying a good period of industrial growth.

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What Car, What Noise?

The EU has been great in many ways for member countries. A common currency and free movement across borders have been a boon for trade. On the downside, though, are the many stupid regulations that hinder trade. At one stage 26 types of fruit and vegetables, including artichokes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, onions, peas, carrots, plums, and ribbed celery were under shape restrictions, and they also told us that bananas must not bend abnormally. Thankfully they have since relaxed this bizarre ruling but don’t think we are free from more strange rulings as we enter the new generation of zero-emission vehicles. Greener cars will get you a good motor insurance quote and possibly a car that sounds like a spacecraft.

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Motoring Abroad

With the winter behind us, we find ourselves on the cusp of summer and the thought of summer holidays enter the thoughts of many households. As with every other year many people will be taking the car with them to Europe and as with any other year many travel with the misconception that they’ve fully covered by their own car insurance. It is very important to get a motor insurance quote that will cover you for driving abroad, because if you think that your policy for driving in the UK will cover you while driving abroad, you will be in for a shock if you are involved in an accident.

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