Porsche Announce the New Macan

Porsche has announced that they are to design and build a new SUV and it will be called the ‘Macan’. It will basically be a baby version of the Cayenne, a car that already divides opinion. For me, the Cayenne doesn’t really work. Porsche’s are all about being light on their toes and, above all, fast. The Cayenne is more a luxury cruiser, and one that I personally don’t think looks great either. From the rear it is a very good looking 4×4, however the front end is certainly not to my taste and it spoils the overall appeal of the car.

Interesting Name

However, let’s not right the new Macan off before it’s even on the production line. Porsche have stated that the name comes from the Indonesian word to mean ‘tiger’. Perhaps they are hoping to emulate the ferocious and savage characteristics of a tiger. Something that can be difficult in a 4×4 as such qualities are more associated with a lightweight sports car, such as, the 911 GT3RS for example.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what Porsche come up with; they’ve promised “suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics”. Let’s wait and see…

Serious Contender

The Macan will be built from next year onwards in the Leipzig factory. This is a factory that has just received €500 million of investment which should give us some understanding of just how important this model is to Porsche, and to further boost that understanding, Porsche has announced that they hope the new Macan will double their overall sales volume.

It would seem Porsche are hoping to attract those that have previously bought, or looked at buying, the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5.

Limited Details

So far there have been very limited details offered by Porsche, however we imagine the engine will be smaller than that in its big brother, the Cayenne. This should mean that it will be possible to purchase cheaper car insurance quotes on the Macan, which could also be a big selling point for potential customers.

This is an interesting step by Porsche for sure, but currently it seems to do very little for me. Surely those that are after the best 4×4 on the market will look no further than a Range Rover and surely those that want a Porsche would opt for the much more appealing 911?

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