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A glimpse into the future for Porsche

Panamera German car manufacturer Porsche has confirmed that all future models of the car will be available with the option of petrol-electric drive.

Commenting after more details were released of the brand new Panamera E-Hybrid, the German manufacturer confirmed that all brand new vehicles, including the 911, will be fitted with a next generation hybrid drive module as standard, which combines both an electric motor and clutches in a single unit.

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The Nissan LEAF – coming to a taxi rank near you

Struggling against the burden of ever-increasing maintenance and motor insurance costs, taxi firms the world over are looking for more effective ways to save money.

Whilst some are choosing to implement new smartphone technology to their taxi services, others are now looking to introduce electric cars to their fleet.

Car manufacturer Nissan are one company benefiting from this, with its all-electric LEAF model increasingly being used as a taxi car, with its cheaper running costs comparing favourably to standard petrol and diesel vehicles. Continue reading

New Nissan Leaf

The latest version of the Nissan Leaf has been produced here in England and is in fact the very first electric vehicle to be made here. It is said to be the rival for Ford Focus but those who are inspecting the engine, are going to be very surprised. It looks just like a conventional engine and this has been done so those who are used to driving petrol or diesel engines are more reassured when driving an electric vehicle. Lee Twomey is a sales advisor at Nissan has said, “The weirdest part of the car is how normal it looks underneath.

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India struggles to go electric

Indian car manufacturer Mahindra launched its all-electric car this week, the e2o.

Marketing the car to drivers tired of stressful drives on Indian’s bustling roads, the electric vehicle is extremely low on maintenance and eco-friendly, giving out no air pollution at all.

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Ferrari unveil their latest luxury supercar

Ferrari’s latest supercar has been shrouded in secrecy for quite some time now, so when it was finally revealed at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva this week there was more than a hint of excitement amongst the motoring fraternity.

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The potent Volt Vs. a pious Prius

Well Chevrolet have been threatening to step up to the hybrid market for some time now with some audacious concept designs being released some years back (looking mostly like a futuristic Camaro). The new machine looks starkly different and has placed itself in firm opposition to the Toyota Prius.

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Electric Cars Dangerously Quiet!

Electric and hybrid cars have been praised for their silence, making cities better places to live and free of noise pollution in the future. Its seems however that this silence has its critics, notable, car safety campaigners.

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New Jaguar Hybrid Hypercar

Turbo power is currently the “in thing” within the automotive world and Jaguar are the latest to shout about their next turbo charged creation. The C-X75 hypercar is yet to actually be confirmed for production, however Jaguar are making all the correct noises that point towards the C-X75’s eventual production with the car currently in the development stage.

The Performance

Under the bonnet will sit a small 1.6 litre engine, however attached to this will be, not only a turbocharger, but a supercharger too! This is quite a remarkable setup and the engine itself will rev all the way up to 10,000rpm, which is impressive as well.

Jaguar has confirmed that the innovative engine will push out around 500bhp – so it certainly packs a punch! The impressive engineering and tech doesn’t stop their though as two electric motors will be positioned on the front and rear axle. Jaguar are very confident that their creation will outperform rivals in the hybrid supercar niche.

Furthermore, those working on the project are also sure that a 200mph top speed will be achievable and that a 0-60mph time of under 3 seconds will also be possible.

With that sort of performance, expect the car to be pretty expensive when getting a car insurance quote!

Hybrid Tech

The Jag will also come equipped with a liquid-cooled, 200kg battery pack – the heaviest component in the car. The electric range is suggested to be 60km whilst the car will still reach 60mph, from a standstill, in just 6.0 seconds without needing to resort to the traditional engine.

Jaguar have even employed the efforts of the Williams Formula 1 team with the design of the car as the bonded monocoque, that is formed from a carbon fibre tub and connected rear frame, has been created with the help of the F1 team.

Jaguar have also stated that the C-X75 will be four wheel drive due to the intelligent systems that power all four wheels.

The car is suggested to have a sale price, whenever it reaches showrooms, of between £700,000 and £900,000. Whilst it is an extremely expensive car, it will be fantastic to see it go into production. Jaguar have said that they’d like to build around 200 examples of the car. Good luck to them!

The future of the supercar looks good – doesn’t it?