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Beijing Motor Show 2014


We hope that you are all as excited as we are about the Beijing Motor Show! It is currently running at the Beijing China International Exhibition Centre and kicked off yesterday. We weren’t lucky enough to go ourselves but if you are there now please tweet us your photo’s of share them with us on Facebook because we would love to see them.

There have been some exciting concept cars revealed already so we are going to give you a quick rundown of what has been happening so far! It is one of the most important events in the motoring calendar due to the fact that China plays such a huge part in the car market and increasingly in many other markets too. There have been lots of new models released including Audi’s off-road concept and Bentley’s hybrid concept, among others. Continue reading

MotorQuoteDirect’s March Roundup of the Motor World


There have been some exciting announcements in the motor industry this month, which is why we have rounded up some of our favourites for our readers. Firstly, the new Range Rover Sport, which is set to be launched in 2015, has been spotted out and about, and there is also news that Dacia is planning on launching a new city car which will cost a tiny £5000, which is great news considering the extra costs that come with running a vehicle such as car insurance. In other news, the Mini Cooper D has been delayed from entering the market to due to a noisier than planned engine.  Here we look at each story in further detail: Continue reading

Win an Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Set!

MotorQuoteDirect March CompetitionSpring is just around the corner which means that it’s finally time to get your car looking its best. At MotorQuoteDirect we know this can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools, so we’re giving away an Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Set to one lucky person on Facebook!
Continue reading

Audi to reveal future Models at the Geneva Motor Show


It is expected for the new Audi TT  to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show this year, and whilst Switzerland don’t have a car industry of their own, they aren’t about to miss out on any action! This neutral ground plays host to the biggest car manufacturers who consider it to be one of the largest events of the year. Those that will be showing are Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Peugeot, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, SEAT, Citroen, Skoda and Renault.

The halls are always packed with the latest models of vehicles fighting to impress, and this year it will be kicking off on the 3rd of March. Debuting this year will be the new Audi TT, Mercedes S-Class Coupe and a Lamborghini and all of course will need car insurance quotes. Continue reading

McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918 Spyder: Which one is your favourite?

McLaren Logo

With the New Year here many of us have already made resolutions and decided on what we want to achieve. However, how many of us have the difficult decision of choosing between a McLaren P1 and a Porsche 918 Spyder? If you are anything like me, then this is a question that does not need answering this year, or probably any year in the near future, as both vehicles are simply not in my price range. This is without considering the additional costs of storage, cleaning (no one likes a dirty super car) car insurance and of course fuel! However, for those dreamers out there here is our run down on the pros and cons of each of these magnificent cars.


Let’s start off with speed. If you see the specs on paper then there really isn’t much difference between the two, but in real life there is no question that the P1 is faster than the 918, although there is no denying that the 918 is very quick.


With the McLaren model being that much faster, you want to know that you aren’t going to overturn at the slightest corner, so it is reassuring to know there is a huge amount of grip compared to the 918.

Logically, the next item on the list is would be the driving position for each of these beauties, but truthfully it doesn’t get much better, so this one it is a tie! Continue reading

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Sold in 2013


With 2013 very nearly over we thought we would put together a roundup of the year’s most expensive cars. Who knows, you just might get the keys in your Christmas stocking if you’re lucky!

Ferrari Enzo

The cheapest of our top 10 most expensive cars of the year is the Ferrari Enzo. If you would like to purchase this car in 2014 then you had better have a spare $670,000 lying around. Well this is if you can get your hands on it, there were only 400 made and they are now reaching $1 million at auctions. It was built using Formula 1 technology with a carbon fibre body an electro-hydraulic shift transition among other features. Continue reading

Lamborghini closing one door and opening another


Lamborghini started out all those years ago manufacturing tractors but for fifty years now they have been making world class cars. Joining the Lamborghini family ten years ago came the Gallardo. Even though it has only been around for a fifth of the lifetime of the production of the cars the Gallardo actually make up fifty per cent of the total Lamborghini’s ever sold.


Now has come the time for Lamborghini to close the lid on the production of the Gallardo and make way for its replacement, the Cabrera. In total there were 14,000 Gallardo’s built over the years with the last ever Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante coming off the production line which is in Sant’Agata Bolognese. There is no doubt it will be stored in a garage along with other collectables somewhere around the world!

There is much speculation that the Cabrera is going to be a much modified version of the Gallardo 5.2 litre V10 which has 600 break horse power and will be a four wheel drive which is standard across the Gallardo. It is also believed that it will be based on the same platform as the coming Audi R8 and is expected to be released at the Geneva Motor Show which will be hosted in 2014. Continue reading

Avoid the Scams taking Advantage of Drivers

Pile of CoinsThe cost of running a vehicle is often discussed in the media, especially as due to the recession many people are now struggling with the increasing costs of petrol, car insurance and even vehicles themselves. In the past twelve months there has been some controversial claims made that the price for fuel in the UK is fair, especially as prices seem to be constantly fluctuating and are well above those than before the recession began.

There have also been other reports on how the government should take more steps to protect drivers from the spiralling costs of running a vehicle, however it now seems as it may be too little too late as drivers are being targeted by scammers taking advantage of this difficult situation. This is why MotorQuoteDirect looks at the most common scams right now and advises how you can avoid them: Continue reading

Women prefer a man in a Prius than a Ferrari?

It is the stereotype that a man believes that a flash car will win over the woman of his dreams. However new research has revealed that this is not actually the case, that women prefer a man with an eco-friendly car as the perception is that they have more desirable personality traits.

Women’s Perceptions

The survey that was conducted showed that around 48% of men believed that a flashy sports car was the way to a woman’s heart as they believe it makes them more attractive when actually the women that took part in the survey labelled this stereotype as being arrogant, dangerous an self-centred. The purpose of the research was to establish if people perceived you in a certain way due to the vehicle you drive. Some of the results could influence what will be your next car!

Men’s Perceptions

While this is the perception women have of men who drive expensive cars, men attributed this characteristics to women who drive 4×4’s. From the survey it was revealed that women believe that men who drive a saloon e.g. Ford Mondeo etc are hard working and safe drivers. Also it was revealed that men who drive hatchbacks were perceived as modest.

Common Perceptions

Although a common theme among both sexes was that they attributed positive characteristic with those who drive eco-friendly vehicles such as the Nissan Prius. The perceptions of these drivers were that they were conscientious, intelligent as well as being the safest among drivers on the road. Continue reading

McLaren Turns 50


The second of September was a day down in racing history. McLaren celebrated their 50th anniversary after Bruce McLaren formed the team back in 1963. At the time he was 26 years old and from New Zealand when he created the business and the team which hired a small group of people to design, build and race the cars from a workshop in New Malden in Surrey.


Since the beginning the team has moved to bigger locations including Colnbrook and Woking and then relocating to the current home of McLaren Technology Centre which is again in Woking. Now the McLaren team has more than 2000 employees which is a huge amount of growth since day one.

Since the first day that Bruce took his team to the Monaco Grand Prix there hasn’t been another team in Formula 1 that has had as many wins as McLaren. Not only did they compete in Formula 1 they also competed in the North American CanAm sports car series, Indycar racing, and achieved a win first time round at the Le Mans race which lasts 24 hours in 1995. Continue reading